Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark

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Writer Kevin Singer's take on all things sci-fi, supernatural, strange and surreal

Both have sequels in the works but Dispatchers 2 Infinity and Oblivion is further along in development.

Young officers caught in Cregan's plan of vengeance

I have outline concepts for other novels, one of which I am hoping to get out by Christmas. The good Dispatchers have formed a secret society called Spectral, which polices and monitors all Global Dispatcher activities. Of course, there are some bad Dispatchers who use their abilities for their own ends and a group of killers, descended from Witch Hunters, who would rather Spectral simply disappears. The main protagonist is called Marcus Townsend, who has only just discovered his abilities in Book 1.

In Vengeance of the Dark, three murders are committed by a killer who has seemingly defied the laws of physics. At the same time, a terrible car crash has left Marcus Townsend practically orphaned. Introduce us to some of your characters. What do you like about them? Marcus is a moody teenager.

I had a very similar attitude to life when I was that age.

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David Raymond is the detective assigned to the murders. Alas he has a fear of hospitals which interferes with his investigations.

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A fun fact you would like your readers to know about you or your book. I wrote this because someone said I would never write a book. My book is available now at Amazon for kindle and in paperback. Dispatcher Book 1: Vengeance of the Dark They have existed in plain sight for hundreds of years. They've waged wars in complete shadow and protected us from impossible horrors. Their powers are infinite, their skills are supernatural. They are virtually unstoppable. However, so are their enemies….

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Marcus Townsend's life was just like any other until that fateful night. A supernatural killer was on the loose and Marcus was next on his list. The only question was why? With the only connection between the victims being the mysterious black and red rose, Marcus finds himself in a race against time to uncover the truth before he becomes the next victim. About the Author: Mysterious and slightly deranged Andrew Lamb was born in Bradford, West Yorkshire. He spent most of his career working as an Engineer in vehicle crash safety.


His area of interest is in the supernatural and science fiction and typically enjoys mashing the two together to create vivid and magnificent worlds. His debut novel Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark has already topped the bestselling Amazon charts in the Astral Projection and Horror categories.

He currently resides in Derby with his wife. A J Lamb link. Thanks very much Kyra. You're welcome, Andrew!

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Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark
Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark
Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark
Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark
Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark
Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark
Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark Dispatchers: Vengeance of the Dark

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