Highway Robbery

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They don't even try to damage the semi-truck, they go straight for the driver," he said.

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An industry that once focused mostly on armored trucks and VIP cars has had to adapt to new demand for the bullet-proof semis. For Esteban Hernandez, head of the Mexican Association of Armored Automakers, the industry is locked in a technological race with the criminals.

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Mexican trucking firms spend an estimated six percent of their revenues on security, versus about 0. Companies are increasingly telling their drivers that they are safer inside their trucks in the event of a robbery. The most important thing is not to get out of the vehicle," said Rigoberto Sierra, of Diamond Glass.

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But we need our drivers to hold on tight and say, 'I'm not budging. Search News Search web. Now, they are plaguing the country's highways. In , there were 11, reports from January to November -- 33 a day.

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Highway Robbery

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It is manifested by the exploitation of flaws in computer programs and lapses in security on the part of the victim. The particular strain of ransomware used to infect NHS bodies in the UK, and a reported , computers in countries worldwide, appears to have targeted computers using an older and unsupported version of the Microsoft operating system; software for which the supplier is no longer producing fixes for security vulnerabilities identified subsequently. Once the software is executed it either replicates to infect other computers on the same network or encrypts the central business data store.

The use of strong encryption techniques effectively prevents the use of that data without either paying the ransom or reconfiguring the data from an uninfected source. Note that the unauthorised encryption of personal data may amount to a breach of data protection legislation. Businesses that are at particular risk of a ransomware attack are those where operational access to data is critical, which is why the impact on the NHS has been disproportionately serious.

Highway Robbery

However, ransomware attacks could also be perpetrated in respect of control systems or other critical process activities. Software vendors will be quick to market solutions, but there are practical, low-cost steps that businesses or individuals can take to prevent or at least mitigate the threat. The Australian Signals.

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The use of social engineering means there is a need to change our cultural approach to privacy and confidentiality. Awareness training and testing is critical and should play a dynamic part in building business resilience.

Highway Robbery Highway Robbery
Highway Robbery Highway Robbery
Highway Robbery Highway Robbery
Highway Robbery Highway Robbery
Highway Robbery Highway Robbery
Highway Robbery Highway Robbery
Highway Robbery Highway Robbery

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