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Later, he became a man of great importance in ancient Egypt. Joseph was a vizier and the second most powerful man in Egypt next to the Pharaoh. Lazarus — An Obscure Biblical Figure.

More Biblical Mysteries. Why was Asenath, who was brought up in Egyptian idol-worship, pious and upright?

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Because she was of the family of Jacob. Her brothers wanted to put her to death because illegitimate children were not tolerated in the house of Jacob. However, Jacob did not want to kill the newborn. Michael brought her to Egypt, where she Asenath was brought up in the house of the childless Potiphera. When Jacob left Shechem, he wrote down the story of the violation of Dinah by Shechem on a golden tablet. When Dinah subsequently gave birth to Asenath, Jacob hung this tablet about her neck and exposed her near the wall of Egypt. On the same day, Potiphar was taking a walk, accompanied by his retinue, and approached the wall.

He heard the child weeping and commanded his followers to bring it to him. Carry it to my house and procure a nurse for it. Thus she was brought up in his house.

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This story explains why Asenath who was a Pagan, was nevertheless considered pious and upright. Chesnutt, Randall D. From Death to Life. Sheffield: Aptowitzer, V. Now Trending: Fragments Of Viking Mysterious Runes Deciphe Utiseta — Norse Vision Sheffield: Aptowitzer, V.

The Eye of Horus — an Egyptian symbol of protection against evil. He was in Egypt and had been falsely accused of adultery and thrown into prison, where he was left to rot. His future was bleak.


He was in a foreign country, without contacts, friends or influence. Joseph was innately sensitive to the minds of other people, and this made him good at interpreting dreams.

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He would use what he knew of their hopes and fears to explain the dream to them. This Joseph did when he was in prison.

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He was so good at it that people began to talk about him and seek out his advice. Joseph brought a fresh perspective. He was able to interpret the dream so successfully that Pharaoh entrusted him with much more than merely interpreting an occasional dream. This seemingly unimportant detail contained a message for Diaspora Jews which is what Joseph was : integrate as far as you can into your host community if you want to succeed.

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What else? So Pharaoh arranged for him to marry a high-born Egyptian woman — Asenath. This was another a way of de-Semitizing Joseph, making him acceptable to courtiers and commoners alike. Statue of a beautiful woman from ancient Egypt. The young woman chosen was Asenath, a high-born, aristocratic Egyptian woman , the daughter of Potiphera, a priest of On. All together, these changes wrought by Pharaoh were a message to others that Joseph, though a Hebrew, was fully accepted at the Egyptian court and integrated into the Egyptian way of life.

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Because during the course of her marriage Asenath had at least two children, sons called. There can be little doubt of who the dominant partner was in this marriage.

The midwife presents the second of two sons to Joseph. Basilica of San Marco. It was then that Asenath saw the true measure of her husband. But through her marriage with Joseph she became the fore-mother of two important Israelite tribes who later settled in the heart of Canaan and adjacent Transjordan.

He certainly would never have married a high-born, cultivated woman like Asenath.

Joseph & Asenath Joseph & Asenath
Joseph & Asenath Joseph & Asenath
Joseph & Asenath Joseph & Asenath
Joseph & Asenath Joseph & Asenath
Joseph & Asenath Joseph & Asenath
Joseph & Asenath Joseph & Asenath

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