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Spilt Milk Studios Ltd. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Publisher: Spilt Milk Studios Ltd. Share Embed. Early Access Game Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops. Why Early Access? We want the game to be as good as it possibly can be, and we can't do it without you!

Broadly speaking, there are three vectors to this - gameplay, technology, monetisation. Gameplay: We cannot balance an MMO with hundreds of players, we need thousands. Early Access is the best way for us to get the player base we need to make the game absolutely sing, and we're working towards full launch on Early Access in We want you to break it, to hate it, and then to love it when we've made everything ok again :D Technology: We won't see all the horrid bugs and issues that will crop up for players without getting way more traffic than a signup form can achieve.

Package: lazarus (2.0.2+dfsg-2)

We're confident that most issues are squashed we've been fighting bugs for 6 months now but we are realistic and we know there'll be plenty more horrid ones we just haven't seen yet. Monetisation: We're keeping Lazarus totally free for now, although it will be Free to Play when we launch into Early Access. The full version will have more and better everything: We'll be supporting more co-op play 'clans' etc.

We're going to reinforce the world as an ecosystem that players are a part of - systems over handcrafted content. Faction warfare is already in, but this will become way more involved, complex and exciting. Players will be able to affect the world in more varied and meaningful ways.

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Loads more Ship types we have at least 30 more designed and incoming. More System types the game is fully physics driven, so we can and will have a LOT of fun here - and have at least 7 more specced out and ready for implementation. Bigger tech trees, more upgrades and progression. More enemy types.

Lazarus (IDE)

More enemy behaviours. We'll run events and give away awesome in-game stuff we've already been doing this in the Open Alpha. They'd have tons of cool gameplay effects. The game will be way less buggy. Free to Play monetization will be introduced.

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  • Get instant access and start playing; get involved with this game as it develops.;
  • We'll be making sure it's fair and does not lock gameplay from those who choose not to pay. Most of it will be around cosmetics and 'speeding up' progression. Non-paid progression will be designed to be fun and addictive regardless. Nobody will have a gameplay advantage for having paid. We've been developing the game for 24 months so far.

    Nothing is 'final' and nothing is sacred - so while this means you'll come across annoying issues, we'll fix them and are not so attached to anything that we won't ditch it in its entirety for the good of the game and its players. Right now, we're not monetising anything, as we're not ready to yet. We want to get it right, and make it fair and fun, from the start. We're looking at a fairly standard model for this - sell our equivalent of Loot Crates, and make sure that nobody who pays has an advantage over a player who doesn't.

    Money spent will likely only save you time or give you a specific 'I spent lots' visual reward. Nothing that affects gameplay will be locked behind a money wall. Get in touch. Add to your wishlist and get notified when it becomes available. About This Game Lazarus is a top-down action-oriented sci-fi twist on Groundhog Day where thousands of players survive together in a huge persistent real-time world, where dogfights, foraging for resources and exploring exciting new tech combine into a tumultuous 'MMO Roguelike' that turns back in on itself every week like some kind of ultra-futuristic Ouroboros.

    Explore the world, dock and communicate with giant alien Xenotaphs, equip your ship, unlock new tech and then boost back out into fast paced real-time combat alongside hundreds and thousands of other players! Can humanity embrace the technology and capriciousness of the all-powerful Ourobeans and finally defeat the monstrous Apophis, or will the final battle repeat again and again into infinity?

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