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Free Plumeria! You need to free gryphon from 2 chains and kill Maurizio Deaththrill is next to gryphon 40 Back to Okri Putterwrench 37 Shots Fired - Quest pick up from Okri Putterwrench 37 After that quest will finish return to Lady Jaina Proudmoore. After that will be Video. After finish this Quest you will reach part of Tides of Vengeance.

Hope that help You :. Comment by Kimaell Is there something not bugged in this expansion? Good way into becoming EA blizz Comment by archdruidbook Frost mage too OP Blizz pls nerf! Comment by PAWilds You have to lead your shots slightly. Aim the cannon straight forward. Time your shot so the cannonball reaches the boat exactly when the targeting icon shows. Only closest boats are within range.

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Comment by Athenielle Target too close, wont fire, cant exit veichle, pretty much the most bugged quest I've come across in game. Cant progress without finishing it so frustration is setting in! Edit; You have to actually target the boat you want to shoot down Comment by alpanhell The targeting on this quest was so terrible it literally made me laugh. Not sure what blizzard is thinking sometimes other than testing is optional. Comment by white I found that if you turn the cannon towards the left side where the two big boats are, and where the little boats are all heading , you can actually hit the little boats.

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Calgary police are hoping to locate a suspect wanted in connection with a shooting in the community of Coral Springs on Tuesday that injured one man. Calgary police are investigating after shots were fired into a home in the community of Pineridge on Sunday. Calgary police are investigating after a bullet was fired into a home in the community of Bowness Sunday night. Calgary police are investigating after shots were fired in the community of Forest Heights on Thursday morning. Calgary police are investigating reports of shots fired in the community of Penbrooke Meadows.

Charges are pending against three men after a year-old with gunshot wounds was dropped off at a northeast Calgary hospital on Wednesday evening. Calgary shots fired. Latest Calgary shots fired news. From viewing Sarah's computer screen, Preston remembers Koppel as one of Eamons' campaign donors. The DOJ team also takes interest in Sheriff's Sergeant Derkin, who patrolled the houses with Breeland until he transferred out of department shortly after Joey's death.

When Ashe meets with Derkin, he reveals that AD stands for auxiliary deputy and Koppel was not the auxiliary deputy present when Joey was killed. Afterwards, Derkin commits suicide. Ashe soon realizes that the "tours" are when Eamons' wealthy donors participate in the officers' patrols around the houses and the DOJ team deduces that Joey was shot by a donor. After they provide Cory with pictures of the auxiliary deputies, Cory identifies Cox as Joey's killer.

Ashe informs Preston that she will be temporarily stepping away from the investigation to be present in Washington D. Breeland prevents Ashe from being arrested during a traffic stop and reveals that he knows about Kai and Ashe's custody battle.


Janae, who opposes Eamon using Cox's private prison to fund the education initiative, meets with Cox. Jonathan Demme. Although not listed, Cox admits to Ashe that he was an auxiliary deputy prior to when Joey was killed. Eamons acknowledges to Preston that the tours are a perk offered to her donors and claims to be unaware of any wrongdoing.

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  6. shots fired.
  7. When summoned before Eamons, Platt denies abuses on the part of the auxiliary deputies, but places Joshua on paid administrative leave following criticism from the governor. Sarah breaks up with Preston over his continued questioning of Eamons and for spying on her computer. The DOJ team witnesses Lyndon tell Breeland that he bought marijuana from Joey and sold it to Jesse, explaining why the strand matches. A riot breaks out in Gate Station where Shawn is arrested for damaging a police car and Breeland prevents a fire hose from being used on the protestors.

    Preston confronts Cox about Joey's shooting, which Cox denies being involved with. Following the custody hearing in Washington D.

    1. Lockdown lifted after reports of shots fired near Wichita East High School!
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    4. John David Coles. Preston receives evidence from Caleb suggesting that Janae coerced Cory into identifying Cox, but Cory insists that Cox was the shooter. Cox and Janae acknowledge that Cox requested Janae to join his board, which Janae declined, and Cox continues to deny involvement in the shooting. Unable to find Shirlane's recorder and phone among her belongings, Preston deduces that the collision was not an accident. When Ashe and Preston confront Kiana, they discover a bug in her home and the handler escapes. Hailed as a hero for his actions, Breeland is given a ride with Eamons and when asked by the governor about auxiliary deputy abuses, says he would have reported any to Platt.

      As Joshua falls into alcoholism and becomes aggressive, Kerry leaves him. Platt has Shawn released from jail, but Shawn later runs away from his home.

      Chaos on Capitol Hill as Shots Fired

      Ashe finds a hidden video on Jesse's phone of his death, which reveals that Joshua forcibly pulled him from the vehicle. Janae is arrested for Joey's death after the gun used to kill him is discovered in her church. An unidentified individual attempts to steal the DOJ team's evidence before fleeing when Ashe intervenes. Although Shameeka strengthens the team's suspicions that Janae had Joey beaten, Janae denies killing Joey and claims the gun was planted in her church during a break-in. With the serial number of the gun filed off, Ashe convinces Javier to identify the owner.

      The gun is traced back to Cox, who says it was stolen, with a police report supporting his claim. Cox questions Platt on how his gun was found at Janae's church, leading to a heated conversation between Platt and Breeland. At the advice of her mother, Kerry reunites with Joshua. Caleb finds Shawn and returns him to Shameeka.

      After Breeland sends Ashe a copy of her arrest report, Ashe accuses Breeland of being present during Joey's death, prompting a physical altercation between the two that ends with Ashe gaining the upper hand. Upon returning to their hotel, Ashe and Preston have sex. Preston makes the video of Jesse's death public.

      Shots Fired - Quest - World of Warcraft

      Ami Canaan Mann. Now suspended by Platt, Joshua provides Preston with the real auxiliary deputy records in the hope of helping his case. The real records reveal that the auxiliary deputies were not qualified to participate in the patrols. After questioning Platt on why they have been protecting Cox, Breeland admits to Tess that he was present during Joey's death and has been blackmailing an individual to cover up the incident. Breeland offers the DOJ his testimony against the sheriff's office in exchange for no jail time.

      Ashe and Preston decline the deal, but the new DOJ team arrives and agrees to provide Breeland with full immunity in return for his cooperation. Ashe responds by informing Cox that a witness will identify him as Joey's killer, prompting Cox to make a public confession. Cox claims he mistakenly drew his gun instead of his taser when he shot Joey and blames Breeland for intimidating him to keep quiet. With his deal gone, Breeland nearly sends Ashe's arrest report to child services, but stops himself after receiving a message of support from Tess.

      Nevertheless, Ashe loses custody of Kai. Following Cox's confession, Janae is released and Sarah resigns when Eamons declines to denounce Cox.

      Shots fired in New Jersey mall

      As a result of Ashe's actions, she and Preston are placed back in charge of the investigation. Breeland is shot to death outside his home. Grand jury hearings are held on Joshua's and Cox's cases. Joshua is indicted and arrested, but Cox is not. The DOJ team learns of Breeland's blackmail plot and suspects that he has important information in a storage unit.

      At the storage unit, Preston finds a recording of Platt telling Breeland to cover up Joey's death and realizes that Platt killed Breeland, leading to Platt's arrest.

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