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If you believe your child has a psychiatric or learning disorder, please consult a professional. You are not required to subscribe to obtain your results. Help us continue to develop more free tools like the Symptom Checker. Tell us how we can make the Symptom Checker more helpful to families. Join them. Follow ChildMindInst. Symptom Checker Are you worried about your child? We do not collect any personally identifiable information.

Back Next Results. In the meantime: Get helpful tips for parents, educators and mental health professionals, sent weekly. Are you O. But, somehow, this book, with all its silliness, seems far sadder to me. So Susanna is still in the hospital; Wigger is in far-off Switzerland. An artist saves the day! Sort of. A self-pitying, egotistical artist type finds an abandoned pink rag—the beloved Wigger—and climbs up a mountain with it, as his sort of refusenik art project, on Christmas Eve.

A cold wind blows the blankie away. Then he tries again; then the big guy tries. When the novella is over, my daughter asks me what happened next. What about when Susanna gets older? He calls his young son fat and lazy.

William Goldman’s Strange, Sad, Captivating Children’s Book About a Girl and Her Blanket

When I read this as an adult, the cruel comments he makes about his child were so upsetting that—I am embarrassed to admit this—I looked into it, in what we collectively agree is reality, and was relieved to discover that Goldman never had a son at all. He did have two daughters, one of them named Susanna. Log in using your social network account.

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Subscribe now. Shape Created with Sketch. This moving, charming and poignant tale of boarding school life is included partly for its own merits, but also as it was the first in the school story genre which spawned so many thousands of books, through Enid Blyton right up to J K Rowling. Even Potter knew she was writing nostalgically about an imagined past; but who could not fail to love this slyly observed tale of a naughty rabbit? Avoid the new film, and stick to the original. Quite simply, Cressida Cowell has an exceptional ability to give children what they like. Give it to a child, and see them become engrossed immediately.

The recent winner of the overall Costa Book Awards is a remarkable novel from a remarkable writer.

Hardinge is a true original, her sentences poised and poetic, her alternative 19th-century world fully imagined, and her intelligent, inquiring female lead not simply a good role model but also a fine addition to literature. Whites, or noughts, were economically impoverished, whilst the blacks, or crosses, were in power. An inter-racial love affair between two teens brings first passion and then tragedy.

Powerful, provocative and original.

Strange things Spanish parents do raising their children

A bittersweet and unusual tale, in which a clockwork mouse and his child are thrown out of a toy shop, and then must embark on a journey to find safety. Unlike the film Toy Story, in which the toys are complicit in their servitude, this allows discarded toys to find a world of their own, constructed according to their own terms.

Full of striking imagery and exciting scenes. As any fule know, reading Molesworth is like being a member of a secret skool gang. A grate writer, indeed. Its hero, Artemis Fowl, is a 12 year old boy who also happens to be a criminal mastermind. Unforgettably spine-tingling, and profoundly affecting.

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Moving from the initial wonder and quirky charm of the first three books, the series took on a darker tone, resulting in an enthralling septet and a cultural phenomenon. Tom is packed away to stay with his aunt and uncle: but when the clock strikes thirteen, he finds a gorgeous garden, and in it a little girl called Hatty, who seems to come from a different time. Emotionally rich, it will leave a lasting impression on any child.

The recent death of Ursula Le Guin, aged 88, has brought renewed attention to her works. Ged, a dark skinned boy from the goat herding island of Gont, demonstrates exceptional powers and is sent to learn how to be a wizard. His resulting quest is epic, with a depth and strangeness that lasts. Children will cheer when she gets her comeuppance. Rejecting masculine violence, Ferdinand prefers just to sit under a cork tree. The illustrations of Spanish matadors, picadors and their arenas are astoundingly evocative. The drawings are lovely, too. Full of invention and adventure, the stories were an immediate hit, the behaviour of the animals believable and, paradoxically, human.

Their wildness and subtleties have become thoroughly imbued into the popular imagination.

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Captivating, wise, witty, this collection of three earlier books treats the Matter of Britain. Neglected in recent years, White deserves a place in the limelight once more. In The Hobbit, an odder book than it at first appears, the tiny hairy-footed Bilbo Baggins goes on a journey with some dwarves, and is actually rewarded for being a thief.

His themes are cosmic and vast, with a dizzying sense of possibility; his story spellbinding; and in Lyra Belacqua, he made a heroine at once appealing, spiky and enduring. Everyone can remember their first encounter with Narnia, and then trying to get through the back of the wardrobe afterwards into the enticing other world. One of the first books enthusiastically taken up by children, this is now largely neglected, even by adults and scholars; unjustly so, as its allegorical power and beauty are unsurpassed. Its humour and colloquial nature mean it is still accessible.

From the Slough of Despond to the Celestial City, it brims with memorable places and people.

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There is the theme-park like world of Neverland; the sense of unbounded imagination; and the dizzying allure of flight and magic. This scintillating series, which Scheherazade spins to her royal husband every night so that he spares her life to hear their conclusion, first came to Europe in in a French text that also contained Aladdin, Ali Baba and Sinbad the Sailor.

Strange Children Strange Children
Strange Children Strange Children
Strange Children Strange Children
Strange Children Strange Children
Strange Children Strange Children
Strange Children Strange Children
Strange Children Strange Children
Strange Children Strange Children
Strange Children Strange Children

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