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Like us on Facebook! This entry has been rejected due to incompleteness or lack of notability. Tombs Face Uploaded by PhoenixRight. Tombs Face Uploaded by LezHuarez. Tombs Face Uploaded by brainpeel. Tombs Face Uploaded by gi97ol. Tombs Face Uploaded by Swampfox Top Comments Delete. Add a Comment. We see that you're using an ad-blocker! Log In Sign Up. Self Publishing Journeys Follow. The Self Publishing Journeys podcast is a weekly show for all indie authors.

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You need to login to do this. Get Known if you don't have an account. Grimlock, stop imitating Optimus Prime. Anime and Manga. One Piece : Franky accidentally causes an explosion while exploring one of Vegapunk's labs. Next we see, his face minus the eyes has been blown to ash. The whole thing is played for laughs, as Franky is a cyborg that can replace his face even though that part appeared to be flesh. Hellsing features a particularly brutal version. Seras Victoria finishes off Zorin Blitz by grinding her face against a wall until all that's left is a mass of blood and bone.

Happens all the time in Franken Fran.


In Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo , Lambada has done so to Rice, although in a less gory manner — the polygonated Rice was left with with no apparent injuries, save for not having polygon edges or colour on his face. The face also turned into a nice little rectangular brick thing. It has been said that Lambada does this to defeated enemies regularly. In one InuYasha arc, Naraku expels his heart, which takes the form of a naked faceless man, who proceed to slay a whole bunch of bandits and rip their faces, looking for a suitable one for him. Without them he's shown to be The Blank.

Soul Eater features Free and Eruka Frog hallucinating that their faces are being chewed off. One scene in D. Gray-Man has Road Kamelot demonstrate her Healing Factor by tearing her own face off and regrowing it. Orochimaru Naruto does in his first appearance. Offscreen thankfully. Done rather subtly in Ghost in the Shell : Innocence.

You don't know the person is a cyborg until the face is taken off to plug in data cables. Hayato Jin's introduction in the original Getter Robo manga has him tearing the face off a student planning to desert his group of revolutionaries. Another would-be deserter "merely" loses his eyes, ears, and nose. The Junji Ito story Flesh Colored Horror has Chikara's mother rip Maya's face off in the process, revealing she a wears a skin suit like her , in a desperate attempt to save herself after Chikara dissolves her skin suit.

This also happens in the story "Layers of Fear", where the mother does this to herself , thinking the curse afflicting her family would make her young again by doing this. When we later see him, he's had that part replaced by a metal plate. It's the reason why he wears a mask. Comic Books. This sets up Death of the Family ; an event that happened issues later.

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Batman: Endgame had the Joker with his face again and revealed he had a healing factor. Overlord does this near the end of The Transformers: Last Stand of the Wreckers - since this came out after Revenge of the Fallen , cue fandom yelling the page quote. Before you're too horrified by that mental image, note that this is a Mirror Universe where the Autobots are the bad guys and Optimus Prime is an evil, megalomaniacal dick—one who could put the Megatron of our universe to shame when it comes to really being cruel.

The Tales from the Crypt story "Only Skin Deep" later adapted for the TV version features a man who elopes with a woman he met at Mardi Gras, who refuses to remove her mask and insists on consummating the marriage in the dark. He gets curious and tries to remove it, and There was a Hellblazer story that featured a demon that ripped the face off an angel and now wears it as a mask.

Arsène Lupin

It would make deals for fame and fortune. It's normal for Lucifer 's pal Mazikeen to be missing half her face, just don't try to "fix" it. Inverted in Joker - instead of the face, an unfortunate bartender is stripped of everything but. Ultimate Red Skull did this and gained his red face after killing over men at 17 in order to reject his father Captain America. Vos from Transformers: More than Meets the Eye is a bizarre inversion— he removes his own face, which is actually more like a mask lined with numerous spikes, drills, and other painful implements, and forces it over someone else's face as a means of torture.

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Vos : Wear my faaace. Films — Animated.

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  • The Nightmare Before Christmas featured a clown with a tear-away face. In Shrek 4-D at Universal Studios , Gingy at one point smashes into a tree, causing his face to become attached to the tree. Films — Live-Action. After Castor wakes up and finds himself missing his face, when his cronies abduct Dr. Walsh and bring him to the Walsh Institute, Castor is briefly shown walking around without a face literally, briefly - for the most part we only see Castor's shadow or shots of him from behind where the damage can't be seen, until Castor claps and says "Bra-fucking-vo!

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    The other obvious example is Eyes Without a Face , where Dr. The Silence of the Lambs , Hannibal Lecter. He does this to a guard and wears his face as part of his legendary escape. In the backstory to Hannibal , he talked Mason Verger into cutting his own face off.

    Admittedly Verger was high at the time.

    In Dead Alive aka Braindead , one of the victims of the zombie outbreak has his face torn completely off. Jason Mewes' character gets his face torn off early in Feast. In NightBreed , one character starts to cut his own face off as part of his passage into Midian. Mike Strauber, the lunatic psycho in the low-budget flick Truth or Dare?

    The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1) The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1)
    The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1) The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1)
    The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1) The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1)
    The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1) The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1)
    The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1) The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1)
    The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1) The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1)
    The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1) The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1)
    The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1) The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1)
    The Face Stealer (Tombs Book 1)

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