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Learn to play with step-by-step, easy-to-follow online ukulele lesson courses

Intermediate ukulele lessons near you will likely cover the following topics:. When you're ready for advanced lessons, you've nearly mastered the ukulele. At this level, you'll practice advanced strumming techniques and fancy finger work. Other class topics may include the following:.

A Better Way to Learn

Advanced strumming - Eight finger roll - Three string strum - Ten finger roll - Rhythm filler strum - Sextuplet strum - The flick - Strum picking - Golpe - Muted plucking. The first step to being able to make beautiful ukulele music of your own is finding an experienced ukulele teacher near you. A quick search here at TakeLessons will reveal a long list of ukulele teachers who provide local and online lessons to students of all ages and skill levels.

When browsing through our directory, you'll see find teachers who are highly qualified, educated, and have industry knowledge of the music business. You can also read through the hundreds of reviews left by other students just like you. So when choosing an instructor for your first ukulele class, we recommend looking for a teacher who plays the same genre of music you hope to. So why not get started today? Whether you plan to play for your friends, bring the ukulele out at parties, or take a slot at your town's next open mic night, learning to play the ukulele will add a bit of musical sunshine to your life!

Think you can teach yourself to play ukulele? A lot of people take a vacation to Hawaii or Florida or somewhere tropical and pick up a starter ukulele as a memento of their trip. They get home to Debuke, Montana, or Bangor, Maine or some other cold place where the people have never heard of a ukulele, and decide to start to learn how to play to remind themselves of t ….

Start Today Ukulele Lessons. Get Started. Expert Instructors We'll match you with the perfect teacher, wherever you are. Personalized Lessons Your style. Your pace. Feel like a star with custom plans designed for you.

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Can you feel the love? Jesse M. Private Ukulele Teacher Beginner I'm not currently taking beginner students. View Full Profile. Olivia D. Private Ukulele Teacher I started playing the ukulele around age 18 and began teaching at About Olivia I love to create. Amanda O. Private Ukulele Teacher Aloha!! About Amanda Hello everyone! Mel P.

How to Play Ukulele for Kids - Ukulele Lessons for Kids Book 1

Private Ukulele Teacher I teach this very popular instrument to all ages. About Mel I have tons of experience and formal university training in music education.

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Grant H. Private Ukulele Teacher I like to make learning an instrument fun and easy to fit into your schedule! About Grant Hi! Brandi B. Private Ukulele Teacher I have been playing the ukulele for approximately 8 years.

About Brandi My name is Brandi and I am ready to become your music teacher! Salvador B. About Salvador I am a professional musician and educator. Kat M. Private Ukulele Teacher Want to learn how to play your favorite songs? About Kat Playing Music brings me such joy!

Hal Leonard Baritone Ukulele Method – Book 1

View All. Ukulele Reviews. He is able to translate music theory in many ways and will find a method that works for you. He also is not a clock watcher and many times tends to go long on your time. I have been going to him now for over 2 years and have over songs in my notebook now. Give him a try and you will not be disappointed. Makes no difference what style you want to learn just let him know and your off and running.

Welcome to Ukulele Lessons Today, my name is Zelda Sheldon.

He goes the extra thousand miles. When I give him my songsheet of what I want to learn He already had played it on his music box to show me the right rhythm. When I got a songsheet that was for guitar he transpose it to ukulele. He listened carefully and give me feedback on how to improve my playing.

He showed me the correct finger position for the harder chords and give me ideas of how to practice certain strums.

Ukulele Lessons for Kids - Book 1

Very nice and professional! Makes me want to practice my uke more. Thouroughly enjoyable experience! Being a great teacher means being able to distill the information that you have to share into a form that the student can understand and use, while at the same time keeping them motivated and excited about learning — and about practicing! About a year before meeting Teresa, my daughter tried piano for a few months, also with a private teacher. We never really planned for her lessons to become a long-term commitment. I also expected that I would have to go through several teachers before I found one that was even halfway decent.

Ex006 How to Play Ukulele for Kids - Ukulele Lessons for Kids Book 1

But we hit the lottery with Teresa! It was clear from the first lesson that she was a very special teacher and person! She and my daughter hit it off right away. But Teresa is the most fantastic teacher! But sometimes you have to be able to deviate from that plan, to include additional material necessary to keep the student inspired. And again, Teresa is excellent at that! My daughter has brought several songs to her that she wanted to learn, and not only was Teresa open to teaching them to her, but she spent a considerable amount of her free time creating lead sheets for these songs so that my daughter could learn them!

Note: though she teaches our daughter ukulele, I know that she teaches other instruments, as well.

Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1 Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1
Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1 Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1
Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1 Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1
Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1 Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1
Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1 Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1
Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1 Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1
Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1 Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1
Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1 Ukulele Lessons Today Book 1

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